Auf ihrem neuen Instrumental Tape A Bridge To Yesterday machen Achim Funk und Mr. Nylson dem Namen wirklich alle Ehre. Bei insgesamt 15 Instrumentals ist wirklich alles dabei was einem das Herz höher schlagen lässt. Jazz, Golden Era Flava, Samples, knallende Drums und auch ein bisschen Soull. Turntablism to the fullest.

The Record contains some selected work of Achim Funk’s steps into the world of Boom Bap. After meeting Mr. Nylson a whole project came up. The LP contains beats that where lost & could only be taken from tape recordings (e.g. „Fuck A Record Deal“) as well as more turntablism influenced tracks (e.g. „Jazz Music“).
Often you cross new bridges in life, but sometimes you look back in the past…The Bridge To Yesterday.

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